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Net Zero

We all want to get to the point where we are no longer contributing to climate change. The concept of Net Zero is one way of approaching that goal. In essence, Net Zero means ensuring that any emissions produced are balanced by removal of carbon from the atmosphere, a process also known as sequestration. For the Diocese net zero means reducing emissions resulting from diocesan activity as far as we possibly can and then, for any remaining emissions, ensuring an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases are sequestered.

The Church of England has committed to reach net zero for its buildings and transport by 2030, and the Diocese of Oxford has pledged to reach a wider net zero target by 2035. That means that by 2035 we need to have reduced our emissions as much as possible across all our activities – and to be offsetting what we can’t reduce. When we get to this point, we’ll no longer be contributing to climate change. Now that’s a goal worth aiming for!

What is Net Zero?

The National Grid explain in this short video.

What is the Net Zero Zone?

Already churches, schools and individuals are working to turn the pledge into a reality. We have created a Parish Pathway to Net Zero programme so that any church that wants it can get help on their journey, and we’re also working with schools and others throughout the Diocese. Get started on your own Parish Pathway, and check out the table below for resources to help you reach net zero.

  • Learn more about Net Zero

    Find out more about net zero targets and the national, diocesan and local authority plans by searching ‘Policy’ in the table below.

  • Big Clean Switch

    One easy way to switch your home to renewable electricity is to use Big Clean Switch.

  • For individuals and schools

    Whether you want to calculate – and reduce – your personal carbon footprint or find programmes that will help your school become more energy efficient, you’ll find help in the table below.

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